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Snowbird House

We pride ourselves on our service and accommodations, and want you to feel right at home during your stay! 

House features:

Base level:
1 bedroom 3 single beds
1 bedroom 3 single beds

Main floor:
1 bedroom 2 single beds

Top Floor: 
1 bedroom 2 single beds
1 bedroom 4 single beds

House is 4500 square feet

We are excited to partner with Smith Lake Concierge, providing just about anything you could imagine to make your vacation perfect; we can deliver any amenities you desire from food, to high chairs to fishing poles and boat delivery. Just call us at Lake Smith Concierge: 1-800-814-3956. 

A few service options available:

  • Grocery pickup and delivery– We can have everything in the kitchen, ready to go upon arrival. We can also make a run to the grocery store during your stay if you realize your dinner plans have changed. (If time allows)
  • Boat delivery and fueling. When you arrive at the lake, it takes time to get your boat from dry storage or get it fueled if it is already your dock. Let us have your boat ready and waiting for you.
  • Boat tours. Want to just go for a ride? Let us take care of the driving while you enjoy the beautiful scenery of Smith Lake. We can also teach you the history and things that only the locals know.
  • Private Chef/ Catering. Who doesn’t like having someone else do the cooking? From a Private Chef for a romantic night with the love of your life, to a catered meal for you and all your friends.
  • Wine/ Bourbon Tastings. Have a great time with friends trying new wines or bourbons while learning all about them. Also, what would a bourbon tasting be without a cigar out on the deck?
  • Event Planning. From corporate getaways to special family events, we can make sure a great time is had by all!