Ron and Suzanne Wilson are owners of the Snowbird Retreat.   We are very happy to be here in Alabama and look forward to meeting all the people who have become valued customers over the years.  We are also excited to welcome new customers and clients.  We know how important it is to keep the Snowbird a familiar place to come and enjoy the relaxing Smith Lake and enjoy your friends and craft.  We would like to keep all those qualities that you enjoy.  We are also interested in adding to you're crafting experience.  We are here to listen to your needs and desires to make the Snowbird the best group getaway ever!. We are still partnering with the Red Rooster and have a great partnership and family ties to the Red Rooster.

Suzanne's cooking is amongst the best anywhere.  Suzanne is originally from Louisiana and is an excellent cook.  The last 20+ years she was living in Michigan as a teacher.  Ron Wilson has had a 37 year career in the US Air Force as a Fighter Pilot, Wing Commander and General Officer.  He is currently  a pilot for American Airlinesflying international routes.

We are adding some extra amenities.  We are upgrading the free Wi-Fi.  We have added access to the lake with a dock and a boat soon.